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Lila dies after shooting in India
Mar 1, '08 3:06 AM
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Lila dies after shooting in India

By Dylan Welch and Matt Wade in Vrindavan

February 5, 2008

Anandalila “Lila” Salter, the Australian teenager who was raped and shot by a stalker in India three days ago, has died surrounded by her family and friends in India.

She died of heart failure resulting from her injuries about 2.15am (7.45am AEDT) in the Indian holy city of Vrindavan, where she had been brought after doctors said they could not remove the bullet that had lodged in her brain.

“[The family] was hoping to find a surgeon in the world who could have removed the bullet fragments but it was hope against hope, the damage was just too extensive,” Lila’s Australian-based uncle Brian Salter, 55, said this morning.

Mr Salter received a text message from his brother, Lila’s father Ian, about half an hour after she died, which read: “Anandalila left this world in a blaze of Kirtan.” Kirtan is the communal singing of sacred Hare Krishna hymns.

Lila’s body would now be cremated during a traditional ceremony on the banks of a nearby river, Mr Salter said.

Mr Salter also said the family had asked that their thanks be expressed to all the Australians who had offered their support during the last few days.

Last night the family organised an ambulance fitted with life-support equipment to bring Lila back to a guesthouse in Vrindavan, where she was surrounded by family and members of the Vrindavan Hare Krishna community.

The trip came after doctors at the hospital in New Delhi where Lila had lain since the shooting said they were unable to remove the bullet that had lodged in her brain.

Police yesterday announced they would drop the investigation into the shooting.

Lila’s attacker, 28-year-old Saurav Singh, the nephew of a former cabinet minister in Uttar Pradesh, shot her three times with his pistol, then shot himself dead.

“He is already dead so no further action in this case is possible. There is nothing more to investigate,” an Indian police spokesman said yesterday.

But the family is understood to be angry with police inaction in the lead-up to the shooting. Lila’s mother, Susan Manning, was quoted previously as saying that the family had warned police about the “psychopath” stalker, but nothing had been done.

“Can you imagine in Australia if somebody raped your daughter? They’d be rounded up straight away,” Mr Salter said.

“But unfortunately India is a little bit of a wild west and that just didn’t happen,” he said.

The family now hoped some action would taken in Delhi over the local police inaction, he said.

“They would like the situation [changed] where they felt powerless to get help from the police because of the extent of corruption that was there [in Vrindavan],” Mr Salter said.

“It was really that loss of proper judicial intervention that was responsible for this and they would hope that culture could be changed.”

Avisos y Anuncios Generales: Peligros en Vrindavan;
Enviado Miercoles, 27 de Febrero de 2008 - 10:38 pm:
Enviado por Eblyn

Por Favor Acepten mis reverencias
Todas las Glorias a Srila Prahupada.

¿ Que paso en Vrindaban?, me interesa por que he estado ahi y pues, como si no eres muy conocido dentro de iskcon o no llevas una carta de "·presentación" es imposible quedarte en la gues hause del templo, aunque lleves dinero, casi nunca hay habitaciones disponibles. Por lo que me he quedado en el centro en casa de huespedes que se llema "Jaidev", de donde en las madrugadas he tomado rischas para irme al templo sola, y he andando sola de ahi a delhi y viceversa, tomando el tren etc. Y pues si me interesarian mas datos sobre esto, dado que en breve volvere por ahí.

Hare Krsna

Estimada Bhaktin Eblyn

Lo que ocurrió es que una gurukuli australiana de 17 años (Anandalila dd) fue violada y asesinada de un tiro en la cabeza, el asesino (un hindú) posteriormente se suicidó y la policía se negó a investigar con más profundidad el asunto.

Para más información visite

Narendra dasa

Tulasi Devi

Mar 1, '08 3:09 AM
para Todos

Tulasi Devi
By Sadhaki dasi

I’m serving Tulasi Devi in my local temple and have noticed that someone (I have not yet discovered the culprit…) has been snapping off her “dead” branches.

This has happened on several occasions over a few months. On speaking to one devotee about this, he mentioned that one sannyasi who had recently visited condoned this practice in situations where Tulasi’s branches are old and woody, as apparently it conserves her energy. Although I have served Tulasi for many years this is something I have never heard of (except perhaps in a life-threatening emergency), although it may be conducive in mundane gardening.

Personally I find it distressing that Krsna’s pure devotee is being treated like this, and was hoping that perhaps some other readers may be able to present their experiences or contribute some advice about whether such an action is ever permissable. According to the Tulasi handbook this type of action is described as extremely offensive, and I can also imagine that it would be very displeasing to Srila Prabhupada. Please does anyone have any feedback on this?

Does anyone know if “trimming” Tulasi Devi’s branches is permissable if done with a motive for her health and wellbeing? I’m hoping that whoever is responsible will read this and think carefully about whether or not its appropriate to continue.


Just a short response to this inquiry.

The Lord appears in different types of deity forms. Each form requires different types of care according to the manifestation. We polish brass deities but not marble deities. We bathe small deities but not large deities. We avoid bathing wood deities. In the same way, Tulasi appears in a plant form. Anyone familiar with horticultural care will know that removing dead, dried branches is best for the overall health of the plant. As is removing manjaris before they seed. This prevents excess new plants and does not cause a drain on the growth energy of the plant.

Srila Prabhupada once indicated that we should use common sense and if we didn’t have any ask someone who does. This is not meant to be condescending but to indicate we should act practically.

Comment posted by chaturatma dasa on February 22nd, 2008

2 Unregistered

Well, to be honest I feel shocked that anyone may ask whether it is good to do something to improve Tulasi`s health and wellbeing. She`s a pure devotee! And our service to her is not to make “puja” while she is suffering but to help her first. I know about statements from sastras that don`t allow to cut Tulasi`s branches but we should use common sense while interpreting them. It`s obvious (for me at least) that sastras say not to treat her as “decoration”. But if cutting is done as a service (anyone who takes care of plants knows that dead branches are home for many worms and fungus) then it is most welcome. She wants to serve Krishna by offering her leaves and manjaris- and we want to assist her in that service.

This is my understanding of the topic.
Your humble servant
Braja Sundari dasi

Comment posted by brajasundari on February 22nd, 2008

3 Unregistered
Hare Krishna,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

It is my understanding that snapping off or cutting off Tulasi devi’s branches is most offensive and is not to be done under any circumstances at all.

I was taught that Lord Krishna feels the pain that Tulsi feels when Her branches are broken off.
your humble servant,
Hari Bhakta dasa

Comment posted by HariBhakta_dasa on February 22nd, 2008

4 Unregistered
Vedabase Quotes.

Letter No. 36 To Jagamohini Dasi

…whether we may prune the leaves of Tulasi, no, there is no question of pruning. But you can take for worshiping Krsna leaves from the Tulasi. First utilize the dead leaves or leaves which have fallen down, and if more leaves are required for worshiping Krsna, you may take them from Tulasi plant in this way: First approach Tulasi Devi and offer your obeisances, requesting her that for worshiping Krsna you want to take some leaves. Then if she allows you may take. There is no question of pruning in the manner of gardeners just to make nice beautiful plant for ornamental purposes. And if there are any dead branches, these may be made into beads, like neck beads, and if they are large branches you can make japa beads. There is no need to keep candle burning all night, but you can burn candle in the evening for one hour for Tulasi Devi, that will be nice.

30. Tulasi may never be pruned, to shape her, as is done with ordinary plants, except when doing so will save her life. According to the Padma Purana, it is offensive to cut a living Tulasi branch, and Lord Krishna feels this as a pain in His heart.

The following questions were asked by Vidyä Dasi in her September 27, 1976 letter to Srila Prabhupada and answered by him as follows:-

1. Vidyä dasi: Is each Tulasi plant a separate jiva soul or an expansion of one pure devotee?

Prabhupada: Tulasi is one devotee who appears wherever there is devotion to Krishna.

2. Vidyä dasi: Where does her spirit soul go when she leaves this body?

Prabhupada: Tulasi’s body is spiritual.

3. Vidyä dasi: May we place jewelry in her soil or just moon stones?

Prabhupada: Yes, jewelry is all right.

4. Vidyä dasi: When Tulasi is being cared for by householders in their home, must two arotikas still be offered?

Prabhupada: If possible.

5. Vidyä dasi: When Tulasi is being cared for by householders in their home may they use her leaves and maìjarés on their home offerings or should they take them to the temple?

Prabhupada: Tulasi leaves should be offered to the Deity.

6. Vidyä dasi: When Tulasi is being offered arotika by the householders must she have a ghee lamp?

Prabhupada: If possible.

7. Vidyä dasi: Is it offensive to turn the baby Tulasis back into soil when they appear?

Prabhupada: Yes.

8. Vidyä dasi: There have been questions concerning Tulasi’s arotikas. We have always offered her incense, ghee lamp and flower. Is this correct?

Prabhupada: Yes.

Cont in next comment…

Comment posted by bhakta piyush on February 23rd, 2008

5 Unregistered

9. Vidyä dasi: In the manual, it states that Tulasi should not be pruned. Does this also mean trimming the branches which no longer have leaves or life fluids flowing through them?

Prabhupada: You may cut the dead branches but what is the necessity?

10. Vidyä dasi: We were told you once spoke the “4 regulative principles of Tulasi care” which will keep her from getting sick: a) keep her moist; b) keep her clean; c) give her morning sunlight (at least); d) give her two arotikas a day. Is this bona fide?

Prabhupada: I never said that.

11. Vidyä dasi: May Tulasi be made into a tea after she has been offered?

Prabhupada: No.

12. Vidyä dasi: May devotees carve Tulasi wood for Deity paraphernalia?

Prabhupada: Yes.

13. Vidyä dasi: When Tulasi leaves her body and the body is too soft for carving beads, how should she be used? Should a small fire sacrifice be performed?

Prabhupada: Use the wood for beads as far as possible, the balance may be placed within the earth.

14. Vidyä dasi: We have a letter from you requesting that no sprays be used on Tulasi Devé. May we use a spray of buttermilk, whole wheat flour dissolved in water which coats her leaves to keep spider mites from causing Tulasi to leave her body?

Prabhupada: I said no chemical sprays.

15. Vidyä dasi: Does Tulasi sleep? Should she be left undisturbed after nightfall?

Prabhupada: Undisturbed means what?

16. Vidyä dasi: Is it permissible to use scissors to cut her manjaris, and when transplanting, to use knives to loosen her from her pot?

Prabhupada: Use common sense, and if you have none, then consult with others.

17. Vidyä dasi: Is it an offense to step on or across her shadow (or the shadow of any pure devotee)?

Prabhupada: Yes. [originally, Srila Prabhupada had answered “No”, however, in a subsequent letter he corrected himself and replied Yes.]

Comment posted by bhakta piyush on February 23rd, 2008

6 Unregistered

Krsna’s devotees are karma free. Therefore, they do not become ‘diseased’. Still, their bodies may be diagnosed with certain ‘diseases’ or ‘dead branches’. One devotee, being diagnosed with terminal cancer will take to a particular treatment and remove the ‘dead branch’. Another devotee, diagnosed with the same symptoms, will seemingly do NOT anything to remove the symptoms. In both cases these devotees ‘actions’ or ‘inactions’ may be just, and there will always be some people who are (seemingly) shocked and others who will remain (seemingly) indifferent. In both cases there will be glorification and criticism, that’s the nature of this world.

Therefore, we should always use common sense with devotion and also inquire from senior devotees (in the form of prayer, in case they are physically absent) before taking to ‘action’ or ‘non action’.

Your servant

Mukunda datta das (Belgium)

Comment posted by Mukundatta on February 24th, 2008

Looking at these two quotes:

“There is no question of pruning in the manner of gardeners just to make nice beautiful plant for ornamental purposes. And if there are any dead branches, these may be made into beads, like neck beads, and if they are large branches you can make japa beads.” Letter No. 36 To Jagamohini Dasi

Prabhupada: You may cut the dead branches but what is the necessity? September 27, 1976

it is obvious that dead Tulasi branches CAN be removed by pruning. We just need to make sure these branches are truly dead as Tulasi will sometimes sprout new growth on seemingly dead branches. Branches which are really dead are dry, stiff, and make a snapping sound when bent. Removing them is advisable because they harbor pests and disease, as well as reduce sunlight to the leaves. Just be very, very careful determining which branches are dead.

in service of Srimati Tulasi Devi

Comment posted by Kulapavana on February 26th, 2008


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