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21SK - The story of King Jaimal Rathore of Fort Chittor, Rajasthan





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Festival of Inspiration Up-date

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By Malati devi dasi (ACBSP)
Sri Web site is ‘just now coming’ with a slightly different address
( but here is a glimpse of what you can expect to happen during North America’s most popular Krishna family get-together during the Appalachian Spring in New Vrindaban, 2008 and you can be sure that more is on the way!
Dates: May 9, 10, 11, 2008

Venue: New Vrindaban, (Moundsville, WV)
Current list of invited Presenters include:

1. Radhanath Swami
2. Romapada Swami
3. Bhakti Marg Swami
4. Sachinandana Swami
5. Candramauli Swami
6. Varsana Swami
7. Anuttama das
8. Sri Nandanandana das
9. Garuda das (author)
10. Brahma Tirtha & Bhakti devi
11. Narayani dd
12. Vraja Lila dd
13. Divyambara dd
14. Jaya Govinda das
15. Nrshimananda das
16. Sankirtan das
17. T. Punja das
18. Damodar das
19. Venkatta Bhatta das
20. Gauravani das
21. Yadunath & Beth
22. Mystery Guest TBA
23. All of you

In addition to scholarly realized presentations and practically oriented topics, there will be our normal range of inspired entertainment along with this year’s special offering to Srila Prabhupada:
‘An Evening of Devotion’ three hours of Kirtan Yagna guided by H H Sachinanda Swami and others in an intimate atmosphere of that will engage your senses in the realm of Krishna Bhakti.
Festival Fee (includes all events and Prasad 3 X’s a day/ does not include

$151 for adults 18 & older
$76 for youth 13 to 17
$50 for children 7 to 12
(no fee) ages 1 day to 6 years.

Accommodation: Call 304-843-1600 ext. 111 (Shared discounted accommodation ONLY
during Festival!)

Information Contact: at anytime Call 304-845-9591
after March 12th.

Nearest Airport: Pittsburgh, PA (1 ?? hrs drive)
Nearest Bus: Wheeling, WV (25 minutes drive)

Pick-up’s by prior request only/ no pick ups after 10:30 pm $60 round trip per
person/ group rates Another option: Local Car Service 800-326-2907

It is believed that King Jaimal was a cousin brother of Meera Bai, the great devotee of Krsna.

King Jaimal was a staunch devotee of lord Krsna , he had issued an order to his chief minister the he should not be disturbed by any means for four hours in the morning, for any cause even if it is a matter death or great calamity on the kingdom,= from 4am to 8am. For that he would be doing “manasi seva “ for lord Krsna. No one was allowed to enter his private quarters, and he had publically announced if someone disturbs him at this period of time he will award capital punishment to such person. This fact was known to all citizens, He was very much strict in his Sadhana, here the real understanding is that of sanga from samsara by which one can awaken real devotional service to lord.

He used to be in total Samadhi during his bhajan after his morning program he used to be normal person and ruled over his Kingdom.

karma yoga means Krsna explains in BG mam anusmara yuddha ca. – one cannot understand the true nature of a devotee of the lord, for they are always absorbed in lord’s pastimes. He had employed many paid brahamanas just to remind him of important devotional services, which he was supposed to do for the day a Brahamana’s son wanted to know what does the king do when he is alone? When that boy went see king he saw the king sitting on terrace top of the palace alone looking at the sky. When the curious boy asked what are you Meditating upon? That time king Jaimal told the boy, in this material universe we are like 1000’s of insects in a fig fruit,(Gular) they do not know anything outside of that fruit, they are born there procreate there, fight over there and die over there. They do not know there is a world outside the fruit, similarly in this material world we are born again and again in different spices of life again and again, and we do not want to go out, we do not know there is a spiritual world where life is eternal.

King Jaimal had a step brother, we see material world just for money even two blood brothers can become greatest enemies, his step brother decided to kill King Jaimal when he is in his morning meditation program, he came to know that King Jaimal sits alone for four hours and does not interrupt this for the sake of life, kingdom or for citizens. He thought this is the best time to attack and win over. He decided to attack early morning at 4 am, throughout the night he collected all the soldiers outside the fort, the soldiers of King Jaimal were not prepared-they were relaxing, at that moment the army chief could not decide what to do without the order of the King, he told the mother of the king that enemy has attacked us, we cannot go to the King. 

Please, you do the needful go and inform the king about the attack, that time the mother went inside the king’s palace and woke up the king from the Samadhi, Oh! My dear son please get up, please get up, When he opened eyes he saw his mother was there, he asked “What is the matter oh Mother?” She told him your enemy the killer is standing at the door, has attacked our kingdom they are looking for you to kill, please save yourself, do something to save yourself, go and hide somewhere, later you can do your Bhajan. Just run away from here right now he may cut your head. Your brother enemy has come.” At that time king Jaimal solaced his mother and told that you please go and rest don’t worry about the enemy or attack, the lord (Prabhu) will do the needful. Just have faith in the lord, I will not get up from my bhajan and meditation, let’s see what does the lord do. Oh mother! Just learn to live in complete reliance on the lord. It is better to die by having complete faith in the lord while doing bhajan.” His mother went away and he didn’t get up from his Bhajana. He had complete faith in lord. At that time a miracle took place, one guard, black in color went to the horse stable took the king’s horse off and rode on that outside palace at the speed of mind, just then all starred at him. The soldiers could not stop him, they repeated shouted, who are you? Who are you? You are riding the horse of King Jaimal, But there was no response from him. He just marched out of the Kingdom. There was no order from the king to attack on the invading enemy.

On the other hand the enemy brother’s soldiers were assembled in front of the main door about to attack, but the Black person who rode on king Jaimal’s horse single handedly conquered over all soldiers and the enemy king and completely wounded them very badly. They were all lying all on the ground, he immediately came back in wind speed the horse was foaming at mouth and put back the horse in king’s stable. And went away.

Meanwhile king Jaimal finished his morning bhajana rituals and came out of the palace and asked the minister where is the enemy? As he was not fearful of the enemy, he shouted and told the soldiers to get ready to fight enemy then he went to the horse stable and found that his horse was foaming at mouth and completely exhausted, then he asked, “Who rode on this horse of mine?” Everyone was mum and quiet. One soldier who was courageous spoke, “Oh! King we saw a mighty soldier rode on your horse at wind speed, just for a while and he came back put the horse back here and disappeared.”

The king ordered for another horse rode on that and commanded the soldiers to follow him from behind. When they arrived at the Rajadwara (palace main gate) thet found the enemy soldiers lying on ground totally defeated and injured. He also found his brother lying totally wounded, he took compassion as he took a survey of the enemy camp which was totally devastated, he went near his brother and enquired. He asked. “My dear brother how come you are injured we haven’t yet fought the war. How come you got in this situation of life?”

King Jaimal’s brother explained that, “One powerful warrior came on your horse at wind speed, and within no time he conquered over us, I want to see him, such a warrior you have unbelievable at that time.”

King Jaimal contemplated for while and could understand that it was non other then the lord who protected him from that calamity. He told his brother “Oh! he is so fortunate that the lord gave him darshan whereas he is trying to take His darshan since past so many years in vain.”

King Jaimal forgave all the offences of his brother and then again they became good friends.

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